Wand ID's

The initial first batch of "Wand" idents was filmed and produced along with some new "Express Yourself" skits and bumpers and "Learning Together" skitsand bumpers in 2002. The new Express Yourself and Learning Togther skits featuring Disney Channel actors (wearing different clothing that would be later used in the idents themselves) aired immediately after the rebrand, while the first batch of the "Wand" series of idents (featuring Disney Channel actors wearing clothing from the Express Yourself and Learning Together bumpers) first aired in June 2003. The idents themselves were filmed in August 2002 at Storyville Pictures in Venice, California and were edited Guillotine Post in Atlanta, Georgia, while the logo, music, sound effects, and visual effects were added during post-production by PMcD Design in New York City, New York. The ID's that use a Wand (which debuted in June 2003) have a general description as follows: Actors/actresses/cartoon characters announce what show they are from and form the mouse ears with a sparkly colored wand.

2003-2008 | Wand IDs

Show Name Person Wand Color Music
Lizzie McGuire Hillary Duff Green Classic #1
Lizzie McGuire Jake Thomas Green Classic #3
Lizzie McGuire Lalaine Blue Classic #2