Hi guys -- we just launched a brand-new feature called blogs, and Pirakafreak24 asked that we try it out on this wiki!

Blogs are a new type of article with a single author -- it's a way to express yourself on the wiki without worrying that other people will edit what you write. You can use blogs to write opinions, fan fiction, community announcements, top 10 lists, questions -- anything that you want to write, but that wouldn't fit on a regular wiki article.

Admins can edit or delete blog posts and comments, so you can still guard against vandalism and make sure that everybody is using blogs the way that the community wants.

You can add blog posts to the regular categories that exist on the wiki, or create new categories for them. I'm going to put this post in a new Blog posts category. When posts are in categories, you can create Blog listing pages to see the latest posts in that category. You've also got Blog:Recent posts, which lists all of the latest posts.

You can learn more about how to use blogs at Help:Blog article.

Let me know what you think once you've tried it out!

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