FlashBack Friday Logo 1

Hey guys! It's Tatertat here! 

So many of you guys are probably are wondering, what are flashback fridays? So here we go...

What Is It?

Basically, each Friday we encourage everyone to edit something form Disney's past to help update the wiki! There will be different themes to go a long with it so you dont end up editing the same page a bunch of times and to help you "flashback" to the older times in Disney Channel History! 


There are just different categories that you edit through! Like one theme might be Hannah Montana Actors/Actresses! Then you would only edit in that category for FlashBack Friday Cred,

How Are We Suppose To Know What To Edit?

Don't worry about that guys there will be different layouts that will be posted along with the theme to help you edit/make the pages the right way!

I really hope you guys join on us trying to updating the wiki and make it twice as fun to come too.

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