aka Sabrini Panini Shanini

  • I live in oh just a little city. It's called Not Telling.
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Singer, Student, Dancer, Wikian
  • I am Eyebrows
  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Well, hey there, razzle dazzle users out there! I am SabrinaCarpenterLove, and this is my first blog on the Disney Channel Wiki!

    My blog might be titled The Francis Diaries. The blogs center around Francis, a girl who has these little adventures with her friends, Julie and Megan. Together, they might just survive being the typical girls.

    When The Francis Diaries isn't on, I might do giveaways or do guides, like How to Survive a Day. Now, go comment in the comment section. :)

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