• DanBing

    Wiki Update! 28/12/13

    December 28, 2013 by DanBing

    Hey, it's DanBing here! Recently I've been improving the wiki (with some help from the other admins). Here's what you can expect to see this week:

    • A new twitter account for the wiki!
    • An email account for the wiki if you need urgent help!
    • Clearer & easier staff titles & description.
    • Other small improvements, as well as Wikia's promote feature and a chance for a spotlight!

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  • DanBing


    October 13, 2013 by DanBing

    There are a few big changes (in my opinion) that need to be made here.

    • Embedded things like recent blog posts and recent changes so users can see new things straight away. Twitter feed would also be useful.
    • General clean up.

    • Requests for adminship page. A good example of a page like this would be: Style 1 or Style 2.

    There are some other changes I feel should be implemented, but these are the main ones.


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