Toon In! is an upcoming series in June 14, 2014 where cartoons and objects come to life


About this show, Ben Bocquelet (an creator of The Amazing World of Gumball) and many other directors created the show. It's about a boy named Jeff with his own imagination. With some new characters on the series about magic laser show characters, 2D characters, CGI characters, cartoony characters and more of them. The directors added characters based off of many networks. Jake, the clumsy purple elephant, George, the paper boy and many cartoons. It is been weeks since those directors created the show for years.


  • Cameron Boyce as Jeff
  • Ben Bocquelet as Jake
  • Logan Grove as George

More cast

  • Tom Hanks as Mr. Topsy Turvy, Belguim #1
  • Jessica McDonald as Masami, Molly and Carmen


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