The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) is a singing/dancing/music/song/theme/video/guest/sketch television show. There are covers of albums and hits. It aired on April 24, 1989-March 7, 1996. It reran March 8, 1996-September 2002. It was on The Disney Channel on April 24, 1989-April 5, 1997. It was on Disney Channel on April 6, 1997-September 2002. It is similar to Kids Incorporated, Shake It UpA.N.T. Farm, and Austin & Ally. There were no Mickey/Minnie Mouse hats. There were like high school jackets with Mickey Mouse. In seasons 1-5 (1989-1992) and season 6 (released on DVD in 2005), it was called "Mickey Mouse Club" and in seasons 6-7 (1993-1996) it was called "MMC". This show was located at Disney-M.G.M. Studios (now Disney's Hollywood Studios) in Beuna Vista Lake (Bay Lake), Florida, United States.

Mouseketeer Rooster Members

Logo Timeline

Seasons 1-6 (1989-1994)


Season 7 (1994-1996)

MMC 1990s.jpeg

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