Sonny with a kiss is an episode of Sonny With A Chance's second season that every Channy fan just can't wait for this episode to come out. I checked my insight guide Sonny with a kiss comes after the episode Dakota's revenge. I have found two different plots.


#1 Sonny and Chad go to an interview and then an interviewer asks Sonny if Chad was a good kisser and she says "Well we havn't really haven't kissed yet." Then the interviewer keeps joking on them for dating for seven weeks but not having their first kiss. Then sonny starts to think if they can't get their first kiss that they are not right for each other. And Chad tries to avoid Sonny around his castmates to avoid the humiliation. Then that night Chad takes Sonny to a festival to celebrate the 10th aniversery of Condor studios. Meanwhile Nico and Gradey think that their dressing room is haunting after hearing weird noises in there. Then they start to believe that all of Condor studios is probably haunted.

#2 Sonny starts to rethink her and Chads relationship when the starts to notice that they have been dating for 7 weeks and have not even kissed yet. Then when she goes to finally kiss him they keep getting inturupted and they can't have their kiss. When Sonny goes to the festival for the 10th aniversery of Condor studios she tries to brake up with him. But luckley she doesn't give her hopes up to come out and say it so they are not broken up. Chad tells her that he has wanted to kiss her but he wants it to be special. For the both of them. And he has never gotten the chance to. Sonny then says that there has always been good moments for the kiss. Even before they were dating. Then right when she was about to brake up with him he leans in and starts to kiss her. But it only last for 4 - 5 seconds. But that figures it's Disney Channel. Meanwhile Nico and Gradey find out that their dressing room is haunted.

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