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Shawn Hunter





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Chet Hunter (Father)
Virna Hunter (Stepmother)
Jack Hunter (Half-brother)
Stacy Hunter (Sister)

Shawn Hunter is a supporting character in Girl Meets World and is portrayed by Rider Strong.

Character Information

Shawn Hunter is Cory and Topanga Matthews' best friend. He move with Topanga and Cory and also Eric in the Boy Meets World Finale.


Season 1


  • In the season 3 episode City Slackers, we learn that Shawn's middle name is "Patrick."
  • Shawn was born in Ohio.
  • Shawn lived in Oklahoma before the start of the series.
  • In the episode City Slackers, Mr. Feeny mentions Shawn attended 5 different schools before he was 12.
  • Shawn speaks at least 5 languages:
  • Shawn has trouble understanding his teachers in the earlier seasons, and he explains it is because he hears a strange buzzing sound whenever adults speak.
  • Shawn mentions NYPD Blue a few times once in Once in Love with Amy and another time Wake Up, Little Cory.
  • Shawn loves ice skating, this is one of the few things he and Jack have in common
  • Shawn likes the band Counting Crows, which Mr. Feeny reveals in City Slackers.
  • Shawn is supposedly an excellent poet, and he says he has been doing it since he was young.
  • He can't sleep without a light at night because of the headlights from the 18-wheelers shining in his window in the trailer.

Shawn's Gallery

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