Schooly Bully
Season 1, Episode 23
Hannah Montana Schooly Bully
Air Date January 19, 2007
Writer Douglas Lieblein
Heather Wordham
Director Roger S. Christiansen
Previous We Are Family:
Now Get Me Some Water!
Next The Idol Side of Me

Schooly Bully is the twenty third episode of the first season of Hannah Montana.The title is a reference to the Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs song "Wooly Bully."


There's a new girl at school, Henrietta Laverne, played by Jaelin Palmer, who Miley and others call The Cracker. Miley says she bets that the new girl is not that bad, and people are just prejudiced. Miley tries to talk to her, but The Cracker puts lipstick all over her face and ties Miley's and Lilly's heads together using their hair.

Roxy tries to help them by telling them to run, and scream for the principal, but the girls refuse. The next day, Roxy comes into school dressed as a student so she can protect Miley and Lilly from the Cracker. Things then get worse when Roxy won't even let the girls hang out with boys. The next day Roxy starts dressing up like Miley, and she puts a tracking device on Miley's barette so she can find her. Miley gives the barette to another girl, Jeanie, in order to throw Roxy off of her trail.

Miley goes into the cafeteria to face The Cracker, but then Lilly, who is supposed to get the principal as part of Miley's plan, is too late and the Cracker puts Miley in the the salad bar. Principal Marsh then shows up and the Cracker gets in trouble. Roxy then reveals to Miley and Lilly that the reason she was being unreasonable was to get them to go to the principal themselves. Upon hearing this, Miley proceeds to chase Roxy around the school. Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby Ray stay in a ski lodge, and are snowed in due to an avalanche.


  • In this episode, Miley does not appear as Hannah Montana once.
  • There is no interaction between Miley and her dad, for the first time in the series.
  • You can see Amber & Ashley standing in line.

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