Please answer all questions & remember to sign your request with four tildes (~~~~)!

1) What is your username? Bader_Mousa

2) How long have you been on the wiki? From June 29, 2014

3) How many edits have you made? 17 Edits

4) What position are you applying for? Administer

5) What would make you a good person for the role? I Know The Upcoming Shows Of Disney Channel

6) Any additional details? I'm a Founder of Some Upcoming Disney Shows.

Official Response:

Hi Bader. I have declined your request . You do not have enough edits and have not been on the wiki long enough. We also have too many admins already. I have seen you going around to wikis in our network requesting rights, that's not going to help you get rights if that is your goal. I hope you understand. AwesomeOrange89 (talk), Executive Manager

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