"Ready, Set, Don't Drive" is the second episode of Season 3. The title is inspired by cast member, an Miley's real life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus's song "Ready, Set, Don't Go".


In this episode, Miley is learning to drive, but she flunks the test when she shouts at the instructor. Miley has to wait to re-take the test, so she re-takes the test as Hannah, and passes. When Miley is driving later in the episode, she gets pulled over by the police because her lights had been on for the last mile. When the officer asks for her driving license, she shows it to him, but since it has a picture of Hannah, she gets arrested for lying. She then has to make the officer believe that she is Hannah Montana before he will let her go. The officer calls in his daughter, who is Hannah Montana's #1 fan. Miley then gets quizzed.


[Miley and Robby are sitting in the car on the highway, with Miley at the wheel. She takes a quick glance at the mirrors.

  • Robby: You're doing good there, bud. Driving like a real pro. You might want to slow down here just a touch. [Robby is thinking something else of what he is saying. He looks the other way sourly.]
  • Robby: [V/O in thoughts] We're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die!
  • Miley: No problem, daddy. You're the boss. She is thinking the opposite. She rolls her eyes as she thinks.
  • Miley: [V/O in thoughts] I know what I'm doing old man, stick a sock in it.
  • Robby: You're going ace that driver's test. Just focus on the road and stay calm. Yet again, he is thinking the opposite.
  • Robby: [V/O in thoughts] I'm gonna' throw up!
  • Miley: I will daddy, don't you worry. That driver's license is practically already in my hands. [Yet again she is thinking the opposite.
  • Miley: [V/O in thoughts] And then I'll never have to drive with your paranoid parental butt again.

They turn to each other and grin. At the Department of Motor Vehicles, Miley is doing a check off before the driving instructor arrives.

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