• Jeff: Those cartoons are familiar. What's this? [Hammer birds and pencil birds are seen writing on a chunk of wood, Jeff looks up and down and says "DON'T STEP ON THE MOME RATHS"] Do... not... step... on... the Mome Raths. The Mome Raths? [the Mome Raths pop up with colorful legs and had eyes and runs from him while making an arrow and he follows them to the kitchen where colorful elephants and cartoon characters pop out] Whoa! What's that?
  • George: This is my characters and everybody in Cartoonland. [the characters waves at Jeff while a green alien ship flies up]
  • Jeff: Whoa! How cool.

[Cuts to scene, the toys are seen in his attic and Jeff and George go inside the door while the toys come alive.]

NOTE: One of the toys from the 1986 Christmas TV special "The Christmas Toy" had made an appearance.
  • Jeff: Ooh... aah. Did those toys came alive?
  • George: Yep, they come alive at once.
  • Jeff: Creepy, isn't it? (shrugs) [someone laughing in the box is seen right there, it was Jack-in-the-Box popping up into the air, laughing, a toy train is now seen riding with a mouse like toy and the knights pop up while the toys laugh and walk. Ditz comes up to him.]
  • Ditz: Oh, who are you?
  • Jeff: I'm Jeff. Jeff Collins. This is Molly and George.
  • Ditz: Oh, I remember.
  • Mr. Stomach: [walks up to him] What's going on in here?
  • Ditz: Sarge, we got a boy in there. His name is Jeff.
  • Mr. Stomach: Oh, son. What have you done to the toys?
  • Jeff: Father, I didn't do anything wrong, OK? It's the toys from The Christmas Toy.

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