Party Animal
Season 1, Episode 103
Air Date January 17, 2003
Writer Dava Savel
Director Richard Correll
Previous Test of Friendship
Next "Wake Up, Victor"

Raven has a vision of Cory saying he hates her, so she goes to great lengths to throw him the "best birthday party ever". But, things change, after Victor and Tanya get food poisoning, and can't provide transportation to the zoo!

Raven decides to throw a party anyway, and phones around for an animal attraction to come to the house. They manage to find a guy called Reptile Rick, but when he accidentally eats some of the food that poisoned Tanya and Victor, Raven has to take charge and become 'Reptile Raven'!


Dramatis Personae


Guest Starring

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Test of Friendship Wake Up, Victor

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