Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date June 10, 2006
Writer Gary Dontzig
Steven Peterman
Director David Kendall
Previous Mascot Love
Next O Say, Can You Remember the Words?

"Ooo, Ooo, Itchy Woman" is the ninth episode of the fist season. The title is a reference to The Eagles song "Witchy Woman".


The teacher announces that they will be going on a class camping trip, and that Miley, Lilly, Amber, and Ashley will be sharing a tent. Miley's dad tells her if she gets down with the dogs she will get fleas (if you do something bad to someone, you will be paid back the same way). Miley relunctantly promises to her dad that she will be a better person. Oliver has to spend the night with Donny, a boy that likes to make fun of him. While Miley tries to settle Donny's constant teasing, Amber and Ashley take credit for something that Miley did, setting up the tent. When Miley & Lilly claim that they made the tent, the teacher makes them apologize to Amber & Ashley. When they apologize, Lilly calls them "lying evil nasties!" For punishment Miley and Lilly have to wash all the dishes. When they are almost done, Amber and Ashley "accidentally" knock over all the plates.

At this point Miley and Lilly, along with Oliver, plan a scheme to scare Amber and Ashley. Oliver pretends he is a ferocious bear and Miley and Lilly have to "save" Amber and Ashley. Amber and Ashley decide to run for it and flee to the portable toilet, which is being used by Donny at the time. After they are all inside, the porta potty tips over on the door, trapping Amber, Ashley, and Donny inside with the contents all over them. Meanwhile, Oliver, Lilly, and Miley are unknowingly standing in a poison oak bush. When Miley, as Hannah, goes to an interview, Oliver calls and tells her that the bush they were standing in was poison oak. She itches a lot and ends up embarrassing herself on national television - and Robby informs her that he recorded the clip.

In a subplot, Robby and Jackson try to catch a mouse (Lynda) who has a musical talent.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Won the "Worst Wilderness Weekend" category in the 2006 Disney Channel New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon.


  • The tent Miley pitches has a red top. At night, before the bear attack, the tent's top is yellow in color. When the bear (Oliver) attacks, the tent once again has a red top.
  • When Amber & Ashley ran to the Porta Potty, they scream like Hannah Montana fans asking for an autograph.

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