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"Not This Year" is a Christmas song written by Aly & AJ. It was featured as the closing track on the album, Acoustic Hearts of Winter. This song was not released as a single and is one of the only two songs originally written by Aly & AJ with the other being "Greatest Time of Year" from their 2006 Christmas album.

Song information

"Not This Year" is a mid-tempo song about not feeling jolly during the holiday season.

It's not snow, It's rain coming down
And the lights are cool,
But they burn out
And I can't pull off the cheer
Not this year

Aly & AJ said in their lyric book that this song was dedicated to their grandmother Carmen who died on Christmas Eve in 2004.[1]

This song is the alter ego of their single, "Greatest Time of Year". "Greatest Time of Year" is a happy, cheerful, and dancy Christmas song, while "Not This Year" is a sad, reflectful, and expresses what a non-greatest Christmas is like.


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