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My Goody-Two-Shoes Brother
Song by Dr Doofenshmirtz
Length 1:22
None My Goody-Two-Shoes Brother None

"My Goody Two-Shoes Brother" is the song from the episode "Tree to Get Ready". In this song Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry the Platypus that there are lots of people he hates, but it is his brother, Roger Doofenshmirtz, whom he wants to "Smother in a ton of pigeon Goo!"

[edit] Lyrics

(Doofenshmirtz): You see Perry the Platypus, my brother Roger is at the top of a very long list of people I despise. Vanessa, music please.

I bear lots of animosity to bellhops, They never bring my luggage up on time And taxi drivers really tax my patience, If they vanished, would it really be a crime? I don't like meter maids or underwater welders, Health fanatic cooks or camera crews Not fond of monks or yoga teachers, Or sports fans in the bleachers And I'm not sure how I'm feeling about you! (Pigeons):Cooooooooooo! There are lots of horrid people on this planet, That I would love to give a lashing to! (Pigeons stop cooing) But my goody two-shoes brother, The favorite of my mother, Is the one I want to smother In a ton of pigeon goo! Yes, my goody two-shoes brother, The favorite of my mother, He's the one I want to smother Thank you, Sir! I'll have another! He's the one I want to smother In a ton of pigeon goo-oo!

Dr. Doofenshmirtz (to Perry): You see, you see how I held that last note, good huh?

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