Mother Dearest
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 101
Air Date January 17, 2003
Writer Doug Keyes & Bob Keyes
Director Matthew Diamond & Lee Shallat-Chemel
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Next "Test of Friendship"

Raven gets in trouble for telling off a spiteful teacher, the teacher in return, asks to meet Raven's parents. Meanwhile, a bully takes over Eddie's locker.


Raven is doing really good with school and just doing what her lovely parents tell her to do at home. Until when she doesn't know an answer at school. Her teacher Mr. Petrachelli called on her, because he knew that she didn't know the answer, so Raven got really really mad and told him off.She thought the whole class was going to have her back, but they didn't.

Meanwhile, Eddie got his locker taken, and he really didn't like that, because he wanted to see a very nice looking girl drink at the water fountain. Also, the Teacher Mr. Petrachelli wanted to have a meeting with Raven's mom, the funny thing is Raven had a vision that her parents were in her classroom, but Raven just got her new phone for her room, so she didn't want to mess things up with that.Therefore, Raven put a purple outfit on and disguised as her mother.

Though she almost pulled it off, the teacher Mr. Petrachelli, wanted to speak to the both of them at the same so she knew right there that she was stuck. Mr. Petrachelli got really really mad that he was doing this job, so he was about to leave, then Raven's real parents came to the school and saw Mr. Petrachelli. Raven got her phone taken away, and her parents said she will get in back in a couple of weeks. And her mom was definitely wondering what was Raven thinking when she dressed up as her mother in that outfit. Furthermore, Eddie got his locker back so he could see those pretty ladies.


Guest starring

Background information and notes

  • Series regular Anneliese Van Der Pol does not appear in this episode.
  • When this episode began airing after May 26th of 2004, when Raven says (to Victor) "Is it Kobe? 'Cause you know I like 'em tall", Kobe's name is replaced with "LeBron", due to the events surrounding the Kobe Bryant case.

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