Miley Get Your Gum
Season 1, Episode 2
Miley get your gum
Air Date March 31, 2006
Writer Michael Poryes
Director David Kendall
Previous Lilly Do You Want To Know A Secret
Next She's a Super Sneak

"Miley Get Your Gum" is the second episode of season 1, although it was the first episode of the series to premiere on ABC Kids. The episode title is a reference to the musical Annie Get Your Gun.


Oliver is a huge Hannah Montana fan. He does many crazy stunts, including bicycling next to the moving limousine to throw flowers inside, just to get Hannah's attention. Miley starts to worry that if Oliver found out she was Hannah, he might love her as well. Because she doesn't like Oliver that way, she tries to make Oliver regret liking Hannah. Miley points out random girls at school asking if he likes them; even going so far as to point out Lilly. In the end, Miley dresses up as Hannah, goes to the beach and disgusts Oliver by chewing gum in his face but Oliver won't give up on her. In desperation Miley pulls off her wig showing her identity. Oliver faints from shock. When he wakes up he accepts Miley's secret and wants to be just friends.

As a subplot, Jackson buys a car with his own money. But when he brings it home to show his dad and his friend Cooper, they explain to him that he had just bought a girl car. Jackson hates himself for buying a girl car and even tries to give it back. Robby Ray helps by changing the horn and and giving it a good sound system.

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