Initially, the show was set in Mike's (Michael Alan Johnson) bedroom using a traditional talk format similar to that of The Late Show and The Tonight Show, though often adding a certain theme Mike's sister, Sally, played by Alyson Stoner, assisted Mike in his interviews, and the two would often engage in sibling competition, with Sally usually beating her older brother. Later editions of the show were set backstage at Disney concerts, videos and events.

Promotional duties


Mike and Sally dressed for various themes

Most movies that were produced by Walt Disney, such as The Incredibles, The Haunted Mansion and The Little Mermaid were featured on MSSS during "commercial breaks" just prior to the DVD launch of the respective film. From time to time, the show also provided a sneak-peek at events taking place at Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in California, such as the opening of a new ride or attraction.

Disney stars such as Amy Bruckner, Aly & AJ, Kyla Pratt, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Christy Carlson Romano, The Cheetah Girls, Ricky Ulman and Miley Cyrus appeared on the show during its run.


In early 2009, Disney resurrected the show as "Leo Little's Big Show" with a new brother-and-sister team, Leo and Amy, taking over hosting duties. The show premiered with segments covering the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, anniversary edition of Pinocchio and "Bolt' Much like Mike hosted the show in his bedroom, Leo hosts his show in his living room.


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