Mia Talerico
Mia Talerico
Biographical Information
Full Name: Mia Talerico
Gender: Female
Date of birth: September 17,2008
Age: 5
Nationality: American
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Occupation(s): Actress
Years active: 2009-present
Official Twitter: @miatalerico101
Role(s): Charlie Duncan on Good Luck Charlie
DCOM roles: Charlie Duncan in Good Luck Charlie: Its Christmas

Mia Talerico (born September 17, 2008) in Santa Barbara, California stars in the Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie , who plays the main role of Charlie Duncan, the second youngest of the Duncans. Mia started her role when she was eleven months old.


  • She is the child of Chris and Claire Talerico.
  • She also has a sister named Aubrey who was born on September 8, 2012.
  • Phil Baker (the co-creator of the show) said that they talk to Mia's mom to know what Mia does and likes, and incorporate them into their stories.
  • She is currently the youngest person to be in a main cast on Disney Channel.



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