Mildred Pearl Edmonds, commonly known as Mertle Edmonds, is Lilo's enemy in the Disney animated Lilo & Stitch films and television series. She is voiced by Miranda Paige Walls in the original movie and by Liliana Mumy in the following sequels and television series.

Mertle is established as Lilo's ex-friend at the beginning of Lilo & Stitch, where she is introduced as a popular girl and the leader of a clique comprised of herself and three other girls in the hula halau. Mertle calls Lilo "Weirdlo" and refuses to include her in the girls' activities, in which Lilo responds (quite violently) by hitting her, pulling her hair, and biting her. Mertle and the other girls express fear and disgust of Lilo and her things, such as Scrump the doll and Stitch. Mertle takes great pleasure in putting down, insulting, bullying, and making fun of Lilo.

She became a recurring character in the series. Throughout the series, it is established that she is from a relatively wealthy family and is a spoiled brat who lives with her mother. In one of the episodes, it is revealed that she keeps Gigi (Experiment 007) as a pet, but doesn't realize she's an experiment. Lilo tries to be friends with Mertle in several episodes, but this usually just results in even more social rejection.

She is associated with Hamsterviel having him as a pet in one episode of Lilo and Stich The Series. He also turns Mertle into an android in another episode taking over Gantu's position and actually doing a good job.

When Victoria moved to Kokaua Town, Mertle tried to make friends with her so she wouldn't be Lilo's friend. However, despite her ongoing attempts to steal Victoria away from Lilo, Victoria genuinely likes Lilo, and remains her only friend.

Mertle plays a key role in "", as one of the entrants in the hula contest that is central to the film's plot. She also has a small role in the final film of the franchise, "Leroy & Stitch".

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