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Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Film October 9, 2010 (Teletoon)

October 16, 2010 (Télétoon) June 10, 2011[2] (Disney Channel)

1 13 March 14, 2011 (Teletoon)

February 28, 2011 (Télétoon) June 27, 2011[1] (Disney Channel)

July 19, 2011 (Disney Channel)


Title Directed by Written by Teletoon / Télétoon air date Disney Channel air date
"My Babysitter's a Vampire" Bruce McDonald Story: Tim Burns, Tom McGillis & Jennifer Pertsch
Teleplay: Tim Burns
October 9, 2010 / October 16, 2010 June 10, 2011

Season 1: 2011

  • Matthew Knight, Vanessa Morgan, Atticus Dean Mitchell, and Cameron Kennedy have been present for all episodes.
  • Kate Todd has been absent for 2 episodes.
# Episode title Directed by Written by Disney Channel air date Teletoon / Télétoon air date Prod. code
1 "Lawn of the Dead" Bruce McDonald Tim Burns June 27, 2011[1] March 14, 2011 / February 28, 2011 101
Benny wants to impress a girl named Della. When he finds out that her dog Puffles has died, he decides to win her over by bringing Puffles back to life. He steals a potion from his grandmother's cupboard to resurrect Puffles. Shortly after Benny uses the potion, things start to go horribly wrong, as one can expect when meddling with the dead. Not only has the revival of Puffles made him completely evil, but Benny poured too many drops of the potion into the ground, causing it to spread and unleash other animals from the grave. Benny's grandma explains that the animals' souls have moved on; that's why they are demon animals. The animals terrorize Whitechapel, causing chaos. When Ethan's father has a dinner party, demon animals arrive all around the house and Sarah, Benny and Ethan must kill them all before Ethan's parents catch them.
2 "Three Cheers for Evil" Bruce McDonald Alice Prodanou June 28, 2011 March 15, 2011 / March 1, 2011 102

Erica and Sarah join the Whitechapel High cheerleading squad after Ethan has a nasty vision where Erica has captured the souls of the students. To protect the souls of the student body, Ethan and Benny disguise themselves as cheerleaders, Betty and Veronica. When Erica goes out for the head cheerleader, Stephanie's blood, Stephanie puts a worship spell on both Erica and Sarah. Stephanie teaches the girls a new routine for the pep rally. The routine sparks Benny's curiousity and he and Ethan check it out in Benny's spellbook. They find out that Stephanie is a witch and the routine is actually a spell that will help Stephanie maintain her immortality. She is the one who captures the souls, not Erica as Ethan had thought. On the day of the pep rally, Ethan and Benny, disguised as Betty and Veronica, try reciting the alter-spell while the other cheerleaders recite the spell routine. When this has no effect, they change the shape of the circle, snapping all the cheerleaders out of Stephanie's spell, returning the students' souls and unmasking Stephanie's real age. Benny's grandma removes Stephanie's powers and an aged Stephanie ends up as a lunch lady.

Guest Stars: Leah Cudmore as Stephanie, Susan Robertson as Older Stephanie

Note 1: In this episode it is said that Benny's grandmother was a cheerleader. Note 2: Their disguises were named after the comic "Betty and Veronica".

3 "Blood Drive" Paul Fox Ken Cuperus June 29, 2011 TBA / TBA 105

Whitechapel High hosts a blood drive and Erica comes in as an intern, planning to take the donated blood for herself. After she finds out that the nurses have a truck full of blood, she recruits Rory to sneak into the truck and steal the blood. Ethan and Benny, suspcious of Erica and Rory's motives, plant a GPS inside Rory's backpack to monitor him. When Ethan goes to donate blood, he has a vision and realizes the nurses are vampires. Erica and Rory get caught by the vampire nurses and they trap them inside the truck. Ethan and Sarah meet up with Benny and confront the vampire nurses. The nurses threaten to take Rory and Erica to the vampire council for stealing food from their own kind. Ethan and Sarah battle the nurses when one of the nurses smells Ethan's blood and tells him that his blood is H-deficient, one in a million and worth more than everything in their truck. Ethan then proposes a trade; he will give a pint of his blood to the nurses if they let Rory and Erica out. The trade is accepted and Erica and Rory are released. Guest Stars: Kristin Adams as Nurse Annie, Amy Lalonde as Older Nurse

4 "Guys and Dolls" Paul Fox Ken Cuperus June 30, 2011 TBA / TBA 107

Jane steals Benny's spellbook after her doll, Debby Dazzle, becomes broken. She attempts to use a spell to fix Debby, but instead Debby becomes human. Ethan, Benny and Sarah realize she is dangerous when Ethan has a vision, telling him that Debby sucks life energy from humans in order to maintain her human form. Benny and Ethan lock Debby in Ethan's room, but when Ethan's parents get home, Debby sucks their entire life energy, turning them both into dolls, much to Ethan's horror. Rory gains a crush on Debby and sets her free. The next day Ethan and Sarah look for Debby while Benny tries to find the spell to turn Debby back into a doll. Rory has brought Debby to Whitechapel High, where the principal becomes Debby's victim and is turned into a doll. Erica and Debby get in a fight and Debby's skin is torn. Debby then turns Erica into a doll and Rory leaves her after seeing her ripped face. Debby goes searching for Jane, believing Jane can fix her. At home, Sarah tells Jane to hide so Debby won't be able to find her. Sarah struggles to hold Debby off but she is turned into a doll too. Ethan dresses up as Debby's counterpart doll to distract her and just as Debby starts choking Ethan, Jane recites the reverse spell, finally turning Debby back into a doll. Guest Star: Georgina Reilly as Debbie Dazzle

5 "Double Negative" Tibor Takacs Mike Kiss July 5, 2011 March 16, 2011 / March 2, 2011 108

The yearbook team is coming up with ideas for this year's yearbook photos and decide to use an old camera that Benny sold them. Unbeknownst to Benny, Ethan and the yearbook team, the camera is a magic camera; it creates an evil clone of whoever's photo is taken with the camera. The yearbook captain, Hannah, takes a photo with the camera, bringing out her evil clone, who goes around being heartlessly mean to the students, especially Ethan. When her evil clone grabs Ethan's hair, he has a vision and realizes what happened. Meanwhile, Benny takes a photo of himself with the camera to get revenge from the yearbook captain for rejecting his and Ethan's yearbook ideas. Benny's evil clone is then created from the photo. Once Ethan and Benny realize that Benny has an evil twin, they turn to Benny's grandma for help. She explains that the camera brings out the negative side of one's soul, once the photo is developed, and that negative side becomes a seperate person--their twin. To destroy these clones, they must destroy the photos. Benny and Ethan race to stop the evil Hannah from using the camera to take the class photo. Ethan manages to destroy all the photos. Benny wrestles with his evil clone in the bathroom and destroys him just in time and all the clones that were created from the camera vanish. Guest Star: Kiana Madeira as Hannah/Evil Hannah

6 "Friday Night Frights" Bruce McDonald Ben Joseph July 6, 2011 May 7, 2011 / June 7, 2011 103
class="description" colspan="7" style="border-bottom:3px solid #f8ec19 Absent: Kate Todd as Erica"|

Whitechapel High hasn't won a sports trophy in 30 years. The ghost of Coach Ed, Whitechapel High's deceased former gym coach, returns, thinking it's finally time to win one. The tough-as-nails specter has a deal for Ethan: win the wrestling competition, or be haunted forever. Ethan, being the only one who can see Coach Ed, knows he has no hope of success, but when he sees Sarah watching rival wrestler Kurt "The Hurt" Lochner, he decides to take it to the mat and hope his bones survive. Ethan wins the match by tickling Kurt and Sarah clears his accusation, telling him she was watching Kurt to check if he had been turned into a vampire. Despite Ethan winning the trophy, Coach Ed calls off the deal, claiming that Ethan won unfairly and he shall haunt Ethan forever. Just then, all the spirits of the nerds he tormented arrive and suck him into the underworld, destroying Coach Ed forever. Guest Stars: William Greenblatt as Kurt the Hurt, Clé Bennett as Coach Ed

7 "Smells Like Trouble" Tibor Takacs Grant Suave July 7, 2011 TBA / TBA 109
When Ethan has trouble trying to ask Sarah on a date, Benny makes a love potion, which affects Erica and Sarah. Erica and Sarah are suddenly in love with Benny and Ethan respectively, much to their shock. However, when Benny accidentally drops the potion, the potion's scent wafts into the air vents, affecting every girl in school. Benny and Ethan become extremely popular as all the girls in school are in love with them. Benny's grandmother finds out about the love potion and explains that because of nature's balance, all the girls who had loved them will hate them even more. As per her word, the enraged girls, who had previously been in love with Ethan and Benny, arrive with weapons to kill them. Ethan and Benny escape and lock themselves in the "Eternity Cage", a prop Ethan ordered from a movie. They attempt to wait it out until the potion wears off. They end up spending the night in the cage. In the morning, Sarah and Erica arrive, released of the potion's effects, but now extremely mad at Ethan and Benny. Thus, Ethan and Benny are punished by Benny's grandmother.
8 "Die Pod" Tibor Takacs Scott Oleszkowicz July 11, 2011 TBA / TBA 110
Whitechapel's oldest tree has been cut down, and the tree takes its revenge by growing weeds into the school's computer system. When Sarah's laptop is overcome with a virus, Sarah gives it to Ethan to fix. Benny attempts to sweet-talk a girl listening to her iPod, but she doesn't listen. When Ethan finds disgusting plant matter sizzling inside Sarah's laptop, he and Benny begin to investigate and soon discover the truth. They find the girl Benny had tried to sweet-talk unconscious and overcome by weeds in the school's computer lab and contact Sarah for help. Meanwhile, Rory discovers he and Erica like the same band, and tries to use a hard-to-find music video he's downloading in the school computer lab as bait to get her to like him. When he goes to the lab that night to take the DVD, he is possessed by the tree, and Ethan, Benny, and Sarah must stop the tree without hurting Rory.
9 "Blue Moon" Paul Fox Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott July 12, 2011 March 17, 2011 / March 3, 2011 104

The school's hairiest jock, David, declares himself as Ethan and Benny's best friend, much to Benny's delight. Ethan suspects David is a werewolf and while trying to prove this fact, Ethan is accidentally hit with a misfired werewolf spell from Benny. Ethan also has a vision of David trying to find a cure for himself during the full moon, which confirms Ethan's suspicion. However, when Sarah finds out about this cure, she hopes she can use it for herself to become human again. When Ethan confronts David, he admits that he only became friends with Ethan because he knew Ethan is a Seer and he wanted to find the cure. On the night of the full moon, Benny's misfired spell makes Ethan start transforming into a werewolf. The words from the symbol on the cure bottle in Ethan's vision translate to a stone circle. Sarah goes to the stone circle and finds the cure, a drinking potion. She ends up using it all on a werewolf trying to kill Benny in Ethan's house, whom she thinks is David. However, when the werewolf is cured, it turns out to be Ethan himself. David isn't a werewolf; he just transforms into a shaggy dog under the full moon. Guest Star: Jake Epstein as David Stachowski

10 "Doug the Vampire Hunter" Paul Fox Mike Kiss July 13, 2011 TBA / TBA 106

Ethan, Benny and Rory win a chance to help Doug Falconhawk (portrayed by Thomas Mitchell), a paranormal investigator, with an episode of his TV show "The Scare Finder". Ethan tries to keep Sarah and Rory away from Doug so he doesn't suspect that they are vampires, and sets Rory off to do missions for Doug that keep him away. Meanwhile, Sarah is trying to fend off her crave for human blood by drinking a blood substitute conjured up by Benny's grandmother, which is disguised in a juice box. Since the fake blood tastes disgusting, Sarah goes to Ethan's house and asks him if Benny's grandmother can make another substitute that is better tasting, but Doug overhears. Ethan frantically tries to tell Sarah that Doug might hear her, but she just hisses at Doug, explaining that he is just a poser and that she isn't worried. Doug tries to hunt down Sarah, so Sarah, now worried for her life, flees. Ethan and Benny create a plan to show Doug that Sarah being a vampire was all a hoax by pretending to be supernatural creatures themselves. Doug then leaves with his show now cancelled, leaving Benny and Ethan crushed. Guest star: Thomas Mitchell as Doug Falconhawk

11 "The Brewed" Tibor Takacs Tim Burns & Graham Seater July 14, 2011 TBA / TBA 111

A delivery error causes a coffee called "Lotta Latte" to turn its drinkers into zombies. The principal of Whitechapel High has a whole case delivered for the teachers to celebrate "100 days Until Summer Vacation" and all the teachers turn into zombies. Ethan and Benny warn the students via the PA system but then become trapped in a classroom. Ethan soon discovers that the zombies are repelled by the fire extinguisher and attempts to hold them off until Sarah returns from a field trip. Upon return, the 3 of them split up to find a cure. Sarah races to Ethan's house to get a microscope part he needs, and discovers that Ethan's mom drank the coffee and has become a zombie. Ethan and Benny attempt to get a sample of the coffee from the teachers' lounge. Benny is bitten but remains normal long enough to escape to the chemistry lab with Ethan and begin investigating. After inspecting the coffee's molecules, Ethan determines that the zombies are averse to cold temperatures like that of the fire extinguisher's foam substance. Sarah hurries to the room where the heating/air conditioning controls are but while she tries to find the right switch for the A/C, she is attacked by the zombified Rory, who had been in the teachers' lounge. Ethan is trapped in the chemistry lab with the zombified adults and zombified Benny and Sarah must overcome Rory and find the A/C controls before Ethan's brain becomes zombie food. Absent: Kate Todd as Erica

12 "Three Geeks and a Demon" Brian Roberts Jennifer Pertsch July 18, 2011 TBA / TBA 112

Sarah is to babysit Ethan, Benny and Jane while while Ethan's parents and Benny's grandma chaperone at a Senior Citizens dance. Rory lands in Ethan's house, accidentally ruining the cable and leaving the 5 of them bored. They search the basement for board games and find one that allows its players to talk to spirits. Sarah decides not to play and goes upstairs with Jane. Ethan reads the rules of the game, three of which are never to play alone, never to ask if anyone's out there for that can conjure up evil spirits and never take your hands off the board before dismissing the spirit. Ethan, Benny and Rory talk to a friendly spirit, asking her questions. After they dismiss the spirit and leave, Rory plays alone, breaking the number one rule of the game. Rory then asks if anyone is out there, breaking rule number two. Ethan and Benny come back to the room to see the evil spirit wrecking the room. Ethan, Benny and Rory put their hands on the board. The demon spirit tricks them into taking their hands off the board, breaking another rule. The demon is released from the game and wreaks havoc. Despite their efforts, the demon escapes and takes over Sarah's body. Sarah trashes Ethan's house, locks Jane in the closet and invades his computer, the boys unable to stop her. Benny gets his dad's leaf blower and the boys dig up the Cubile Animus. They attach it to the leaf blower and go to Ethan's room. They successfully suck the demon out of Sarah and she is freed, just before Ethan's parents come home. However, all is not well when, unknown to the boys, a hand pokes out from the spot where they dug up the Cubile Animus, implying that Jesse has awakened from his grave. Absent: Kate Todd as Erica

13 "Re-Vamped" Brian Roberts Alice Prodanou July 19, 2011 TBA / TBA 113

Jesse is awakened from the dead and returns from the grave to get Sarah back but she refuses. Ethan and Benny prepare to destroy Jesse again. On the night of their school dance, they arm themselves with weapons and try to fight off Jesse but Jesse bites Ethan. Sarah has a choice: save Ethan (which will in turn her into a full vampire) or let him become a fledgling. Sarah saves Ethan by sucking the venom out of his blood. Back at home, Benny's grandmother tells an injured and resting Ethan that he is still fully human. Ethan however feels terrible about what Sarah had to do--now she has no hope of ever becoming human again. Outside, Erica lets Sarah know that they are now best friends forever (literally) and that she will always be there for Sarah. Sarah seemingly accepts what she is and she, Erica and Rory fly away to their after-party. Guest Star: Joe Dinicol as Jesse

Season 2: 2011-2012

Vanessa Morgan confirmed via Twitter that there will be a season 2. It will begin filming in September and will begin airing in late 2011 or early 2012.

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