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This is the guide to doing Disney Channel Songs pages. If necessary, please be sure to include the Wikipedia template at the top. And resources in a seperate header on the bottom

You Can Come to Me
Disney Channel Play It Loud
This image could either be a picture of the song being performed in the show/movie or its single cover.

For this template, you have to include File: and the size with the brackets

Song by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano
Album Disney Channel Play It Loud
Label Walt Disney Records
Length how long? (3:51)
{{{band2}}} chronology
what song comes before it in the series/ soundtrack Layout Guide/Songs what comes after...
The name of the song in bold followed by the name of the album its on and/or saying its a single. This is followed by the name of the SINGERS of the songs. Keep in mind that artist typically dont write the songs that they sing along with the name of the tv show or movie the song is from if needed. After that if possible, mention the names of the writers of the song. If you can, include the Infobox Song template at the front of the article before the first word.

Example: You Can Come to Me is the 3rd song of the Disney Channel Play It Loud soundtrack. The song is performed/sung by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano in the show, Austin & Ally.  It was written by Matthew Tishler and Amy Powers.


​This where the lyrics will go. Go to source mode, using the tab near the top after doing the header. poem (with <> on the sides) and poem again ending it with (</_> on the sides)

After that just insert the lyrics in. Copy and paste or write them out! It should be like this in source mode.

   When you're on your own
   Drowning alone
   And you need a rope that can pull you in
   Someone'll throw it
   And when you're afraid
   That you're gonna break
   And you need a way to feel strong again
   Someone'll know it
   Ross & Laura:
   And even when it hurts the most
   Try to have a little hope
   That someone's gonna be there when you don't
   When you don't

This avoids the lyrics all being jumbled up! If you need help with this part, just save what you got and talk to an admin about it!


This is a fun part! Using bullets, tell the world some interesting facts about the song. It could be about maybe the meaning or the episode/movie it was in.

  • In the 2 out of the 3 episodes the songs were in, Austin (Ross) & Ally (Laura) kissed after it was performed.
  • This was the first officially released duet from the show.

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