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This is the guide to doing pages for Disney Channel actors. Please refer to this page when making actor pages. Be sure to also put the Wikipedia template at the top of the page.

Olivia Holt
Note:Just put image file down (dont add file or brackets
Biographical Information
Full Name: Olivia Hastings Holt
Gender: Female
Date of birth: August 5,1997
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Nicknames: Liv ~ Olive ~Livvy
Occupation(s): Actress ~ Singer
Fan group name: Olivians
Official Twitter: @olivia_holt

The actor's name in bold followed by (their birthday here) & their job and country of origin. (Ex. Olivia Hastings Holt (born August 5,1997) is an American actress & singer) This should be followed by their most memorable role on Disney (specifically Disney Channel) or their current role on Disney Channel. Also be sure to add the Infobox Actor template at the beginning of the paragragh which is shown on the right. Be sure to fill in as much as you can on it.

Personal Life

This section is for their early life and current life that won't make sense in career section. Ex.birthplace, siblings, dating life, etc.


This section features their entire career so far. If you need to put spilt sections up by using the Heading 3 feature.


What have they been seen in? Movies and TV shows should be split up.


What songs have we heard of theirs or have they been in?


Have they been nominated for something? 


Any interesting facts about them? Put it here! 

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