Jorge Gabriel Blanco Güereña, (born December 19, 1991) is a Mexican singer, dancer and actor. He was born in Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico. He portrays Leon on the Disney Channel Original Series Violetta. He also appeared on the Mexican version of High School Musical called High School Musical: El Desafío. He has artistically participated in school plays, and he has taken classes from an early age and has been involved in school events.

Jorge Blanco
Biographical Information
Full Name: Jorge Gabriel Blanco Güereña
Gender: Male
Date of birth: December 19, 1991
Age: 22
Nationality: Mexican
Hometown: Guadalajara(Jalisco),Mexico
Nicknames: Jorgito
Occupation(s): Actor


Years active: 2007-present
Fan group name: Jorgistas
Official Twitter: @JorgeBlancoG
Role(s): Leon on Violetta

Early life

He was born on December 19, 1991 in Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico. He has artistically participated in school plays, and he has taken classes from an early stage and has been involved in school events.


He began his television career in 2007 when he participated in the reality show High School Musical: La Selecciónwhich allowed him to participate in a spin-off movie of the successful U.S. High School Musical. Despite not winning the program, Blanco gives his voice to the album of the program, takes part in the movie High School Musical: El Desafío playing the character of Jorge and participates in the tour of the movie and the program between 2007 and 2008.In the film, plays the best friend of the protagonist Cristóbal Rodríguez (Cristobal Orellana), which is published in 2008 in Mexico and the following year in Italy.He Appeared in 2010 in the tenth episode of the miniseries Highway: Rodando la Aventura in 2011 and he's one of the protagonists of the first season of the television series Cuando toca la campana which could also shoot some music videos as "Es el momento" or "A Celebrar". In May of that year, he traveled to the U.S. to participate in theDisney's Friends for Change Games in the yellow team to help the agency UNICEF, he represents, hereinafter to Mexico in the music video by Bridgit Mendler "We Can Change the World" of the project Disney's Friends for Change.[Due to the filming of the TV series Violetta, he participated in only four episodes of the second season of the TV series Cuando toca la campana.


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