Jamie is a supporting character in [[Toon In! (TV series)]. She is Ditz's friend.




Jamie seems to be a hybrid of many different species of animal. She has the traits of an ox, which would be her horns, large teeth and hooves, a lion, which would be her tail and orange coloring, a frog, which would be her skin coloring, and various other animal species as well.

Jamie has bright orange hair with small, curved horns sticking out of the sides. Her hair covers most of her head and partially covers her eyes. Her skin is a greenish-white and she has stocky arms and legs. Jamie also wears a mint green t-shirt that is barely visible and dark green pants.


Jamie is a tomboy and one of the bullies of Elmore Junior High. She is tough and mean-spirited, loving nothing more than to pick on some of the weaker children with her best friend, Tina Rex. While Jamie could be considered the bully that goes for an emotional approach, tormenting them with insult after insult, Tina goes for more physical torture, crushing anyone she feels like crushing.

Miss Simian held her back a year, forcing her to have brand new classmates who are younger than her. As such, Jamie despises her new classmates. Probably since Miss Simian held her back, she also shows an extreme dislike towards authority in general.


Jamie: "You think that's funny because Ditz and Bleep think that I'm a stupid influence." From LP "Pilot"


  • Because she doesn't have any knees, she either waddles or kicks her legs when she walks.

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