Fillmore! is an American crime/mystery/suspense live-action series that ran from 2015 on the Disney Teens Set in X Middle School the Series focuses around Cornelius Fillmore and his partner Ingrid Third,


Cornelius Fillmore(Live-Action)

Ingrid Third(Live-Action)

Other Characters

Jr. Commissioner Vallejo(Live-Action)

Danny O'Farrell(Live-Action)

Karen Tehama(Live-Action)

Joseph Anza(Live-Action)

Wayne Liggett(Live-Action)

Frankie Polk(Live-Action)

Cheri Shotwell(Live-Action)

Vern Natoma(Live-Action)

Everett Konquist(Live-Action)

Emily Kinzey(Live-Action)

Gwen and Courtney Mason(Live-Action)

Dawn S. Folsom(Live-Action)


Librarian Lendrum(Live-Action)

Karim and Joelle Fillmore(Live-Action)

Ariella Third(Live-Action)

Mayor Collins(Live-Action)

Professor Third(Live-Action)

Mrs. Third(Live-Action)

Mr. and Mrs. Anza(Live-Action)

Herbert Anza(Live-Action)

Claire Polk(Live-Action)

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