Eric Matthews
Full Name

Eric Matthews




Late 30's-Early 40's

Eye Color
Hair Color



Alan Matthews (Father)
Amy Matthews (Mother)
Cory Matthews (Younger Brother)
Morgan Matthews (Younger Sister)
Joshua Matthews (Younger Brother)
Topanga Matthews (Sister-in-law)
Riley Matthews (Niece)
Auggie Matthews (Nephew)

Eric Matthews is a supporting character in Girl Meets World and is portrayed by Will Friedle.

Character Information

Eric Matthews is the brother of Cory, the uncle of Riley and Auggie, and the brother-in-law of Topanga Matthews


Season 1


  • He mentally refers to himself as Kyle.
  • In The Last Temptation of Cory, Eric thinks his middle name is Neil. By Everybody Loves Stuart, he seems to think it is Jonathan, while Jack states it is Randall.
  • Eric frequently has trouble with the word niche, mixing it up with "niece."
  • Eric prefers not to wear pants, as demonstrated in The Witches of Pennbrook and Hogs and Kisses.
  • Eric is an Ansel Adams fan.[2]
  • When he was 15, Eric put a waffle in the computer, breaking it
  • In The Truth About Honesty, he mentions to his date that he is Batman. This relates to the fact that Will Friedle was the voice of Batman in real life.
  • Eric mentions numerous times he wants to be a weatherman.[3]

Eric's Gallery

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