Live-Action Characters Edit

Kelly Stables as Will Vandom

Candi Milo as Irma Lair

Kali Troy as Taranee Cook

Christel Khalil as Cornelia Hale

Liza Del Mundo as Hay Lin

Live Action Other Characters Edit

Greg Cipes as Caleb

Jason Marsden as Matt Olsen

Dee Bradley Baker as Martin Tubbs

Michael Reisz as Nigel Ashcroft

Justin Shenkarow as Eric Lyndon

Ogie Banks as Peter Cook

Bryne Offutt as Andrew Hornsby

Steve Jay Blum as Kurt Van Buren

Tracey Martin as Bess and Courtney Grumper

Lauren Tom as Alchemy

Serena Berman as Elyon Brown

Alyson Stoner as Lilian Hale

Cesar Flores as Chris Lair

Dan Gilvezan as Tony Vandom

Byrne Offutt as Tom Lair

Candi Milo as Anna Lair

Dorian Harewood as Lionel Cook

Mia Korf as Theresa Cook

Nancy Linary as Elizabeth Hale

Jim Cummings as Harold Hale

Loren Lester as Julian

Lauren Tom as Yan Lin

Rosalind Chao as Joan Lin

James Sie as Chen Lin

Vanessa Marshall as Elenor Brown

Mark L. Taylor as Thomas Brown

Live-Action Villains Characters Edit


Frost The Hunter

The Mage

Prince Phobos




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