Live-Action Main Characters

Orlando Brown as Cornelius Fillmore

Tara Strong as Ingrid Third

Horatio Sanz as Horatio Vallejo

Lauren Tom as Karen Tehama

Danny Tamberelli as Joseph Anza

Kyle Sullivan as Danny O'Farrell

Wendie Malick as Dawn S. Folsom

Jeff Probst as Raycliff

Live-Action Other Characters

Kyle Gass as Mr. Collingwood

Brian George as Librarian Lendrum

Debi Derryberry as Cheri Shotwell

Lukas Behnken as Frankie Polk

Michael Welch as Philsky

Marcus Toji as Vern Natoma

Chris Marquette as Jamie Townsend

Shaun Fleming as Proper Kid

Chris Marquette as Lab Coat Kid #1

Michael Welch as Wade Jones

Lukas Behnken as Wayne Liggett

Live Action Locations

X Middle School,

Pages in category "Fillmore! Movie: X Middle School Safety Patrol"

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