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As the Bell Rings
U.S. Logo
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
Running time Approx 2-5 minutes
Original channel Disney Channel
First aired 2007
Last aired Present
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As the Bell Rings is a Disney Channel short shows full of action and comedy. It is based on the Disney Channel Italy series Quelli dell' Intervallo. It's name is a pun on the show As the World Turns. Each episode is shown from outside a school window. Each episode ends with the bell ringing as well as in between scenes.



  • Demi Lovato as Charlotte Adams (Season 1 only)
  • Lindsey Black as Alexandra May Adams (Season 2- present)
  • Tony Oller as Daniel Neilson'
  • Carlson Young as Tiffany Blake
  • Collin Cole as Skipper Adamson
  • Gabriella Rodriguez as Brooke Nichols
  • Seth Ginsburg as Thomas James


  • Kipper is Skipper's uncle. He made his debut in "Flower Day". When Skipper had once tried to find out if Charlotte was giving Danny a flower, he dressed as Kipper, who was later seen in the same episode.
  • Cheryl is the tallest girl at their school. She makes her debut in The Dance. She went around asking Toejam and Skipper out. Later, Toejam tries to help Danny by asking out Charlotte for him, but accidentally asks Cheryl out for him instead. Danny and Cheryl, because of this mistake, were forced to go out.
  • Kyle is a random guy in school who asked Tiffany out, but was rejected because Tiffany says that he doesn't look good enough. He made his debut in The Dance.
  • Frank is the school bully. He makes his debut in Bad Boy. He is one of the "bad boys" in school. He is tutored by Charlotte, who Danny used to think Charlotte liked. Frank used to call Brooke a geek, but later apologizes when the school went against him.
  • Haley is a "bad girl" in the school. She made her debut in Bad Boy. Charlotte used to think that Danny likes her.
  • Ms. Patterson is a teacher at school. She is really strict, like all the other teachers, but she was only shown as an imagination in Hall Monitor.
  • Jenny is a girl that Danny had a crush on. She made her debut in Fake Girlfriend. Danny tried to get Lexi to be his fake girlfriend so that Jenny would be jealous and be with him.


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