Alex Twiches
Alexandra Nicole Fielding/Artemis Debaer
is the older twin. She was born as the moon was setting and wears the moon amulet. (Artemis, whom Alex was named after, was the Greek mythological moon goddess, and Apollo's twin.) Alex is the spunky, punky twin with a cynical personality. She grew up in Crow Creek, Montana and is an alumnae of Crow Creek Regional High School's Class of 2004. Her closest friends are Lucinda and Evan.


Her specialized powers are telekinesis, thought projection, portal creation, spell casting, and the gift of knowing. She is strong when the moon is up .


  • Artemis was born October 31, as the moon was rising.
  • Artemis' power is strongest during the night.
  • She is named after Artimis the Greek Goddess of the hunt and moon which explains her moon pendant

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