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Alexandra Margarita Russo is a fictional character in the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. She is the younger sister of Justin and older sister of Max, and one of the protagonists of the series. The character is portrayed by actress Selena Gomez.

Character information

Alex is the younger sister of Justin Russo played by David Henrie, the older sister of Max Russo played by Jake T. Austin, and the daughter of Jerry and Theresa Russo played by David Deluise and Maria Canals. Like most of her family, she is a wizard. She works at their sandwich shop, Waverly Sub Station. Alex has inherited her Mexican heritage from her mother's side (though not the language), and her magical powers from her Italian-American father.

Alex appears to be a complete snob and maybe a bit of a brat. Sometime's she can be a little careless. Her personality, as seen ever since the beginning of the show, is very mischievous. She isn't shy when it comes to boys — she even goes as far as to kiss a random boy named Dimitre Oliveira to get back at Justin, who before said he had his first kiss over her with a goth girl named Miranda (nicknamed Miran). Although she does not do well in school, she is very smart. Alex claims everyone takes her advice as she knows a lot about fashion, relationships, girls, and guys, but above all she can be very sneaky and tricky. Her best friend is Harper Evans played by Jennifer Stone and although she does not know that Alex is a wizard, she is still very loyal and supportive. Alex's rivals in school are schoolfashionistic "Fashionsetter" Gertrude "Gigi" Holligsworth and her copy-cat crew. Their rivalry dates back all the way to kindergarten when Gigi poured juice on Alex's mat at nap time and said she had an accident (which, of course, was not true), but as seen in the 'The Crazy Ten Minute Sale', Alex gets back at Gigi by pushing her into a lady who spills her drink on her front and by announcing her real name in public.

Alex is in the 9th grade, as stated in 'Pop Me and We Both Go Down'. Alex is also "Daddy's Little Princess" as stated by Justin in 'You Can't Always Get What You Carpet'. That episode also shows how well she can get what she wants by guilt tripping her dad, thus proving her to be very manipulative. In "Crazy Ten Minute Sale", it is revealed her pout record is four days.

Magical capabilities

Alex is very quick to use magic to solve a problem, though it often leads to more disaster. However, in the end, she ends up making things right with the help of family and her abilities. She is capable of using magic without any aid, although the spells backfire most of the time. She is very skilled at Make-'em-Ups (where a wizard makes up their own spell). She also is very quick at understanding magic lessons as shown when her dad, Jerry Russo, asked if she was paying attention and performed the spell he asked for flawlessly. She is rarely not in trouble.

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